Monday, 1 August 2011

the heartbreakers - one track mind 7 inch new york / london 1977

one of the first bands i ever went to see was johnny thunders at the rooftops in glasgow. always remember my mother asking ma sister if it was one of those 'drugs' bands. she of course lied and said it was nothing of the sort. her boyfriend at the time was also agreeing that the evening would have no such qualities. oh my lord, how they lied. as we sped away. mr thunders paraded around all night with a wine glass with methodone in it. didnt sing a word, or a word that was recognisable and clambered all over the subs and speakers most of the show. walter lure doing all the singing. what a night though. fucking brillant. and then a good few years later. he shockingly died. i cant even be arsed looking up how or why he died, cause id guess it was either, o.d, pneumonia, stabbed or hit by a car. remember the day he died though, for some reason. anyways.......this is from when they moved to london and brought aids, syphilis, smack and nancy spungen with them. 'one track mind', if you dont get what it means by now. then, your a proper patsy. great rock and or roll punk rock all the same and a classic i damn well claim. ''......over yoooouuuuuuuuu.!''

heartbreakers - single sleeves and pics





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