Saturday, 20 August 2011

the undertones - teenage kicks derry 1978

one more trip down the throat of george best and billy bingham. keeping in line with all the other pop-tastic posts ive done from the land of ski masks and shankhill. heres yeez have the utter fucking fantastic undertones first release. its all been said before. just mention john peel and this single (song?) is the first thing anyone says. its got to the point of being annoying to be honest, but no matter what its true. this 7 inch is a piece of magic that most anyone who has ever picked up a guitar and likes the old 1,2,3,4 has attempted to play. the first guitar riff on 'teenage kicks' must be one of the best known ever. well anyone who has ever heard a pub duke box anywhere in britain since 1980. its so popular even the misfits stole it and stuck it on their truely fantastic 'some kinda hate'. give it a whirl again and hear what i mean. i think though that 'teenage kicks' may have been too good for the other tracks on here, and there is three of them by the way, cause everyone fails to mention them. heres where im gonna do them the justice they deserve. 'smarter than you' 'true confessions' and 'emergency cases' are as good in my opinion. especially 'emergency cases'. im not sick of 'teenage kicks' by any means, even though ive heard it to the point that i should be sick of it, but its too good for that. the others are just as good, great wee pop tunes. 'emergency cases' is a pure sing along punk classic. god i love this record and fuck john peel, his teacher did anyways. shocker. who cares...cause....'' everybody hates an emergency case....AHA..!!..'' not a truer word has ever been written. EASY..!!

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