Saturday, 19 April 2014

Screeching Weasel - Pervo Devo 7 inch Chicago 1992

Right. One more...........was gonna post another one of this bands records but couldnt find it to make the fuck it i thought and done this one instead............really fuckin love this band, so i ive said i was gonna post another one of their records but it could have been anyone of about ten. they never really did a  pure classic record ( well mibbee boogada boogada.....) but the pure class of some individual songs on a plethora of platters,  makes this an epic band of almost shy'd away from pop punk perfection......they were the ones that started that whole 1992 1993 thing. we..... (the fanny press and people of utter weakness)  all dick upon rancid and green day but they were just a bunch of mustard cunts that theifed another cunts title. that title belonged to screeching weasel. they were the rides that done the national.......heres an extra wee ditty they did that came along with the fanzine ''Teen Punks in Heat'' final issue. or was it vice versa...??!!?? who geez a tit....?!? two pure class originals and a gem of a Patsy Cline of the originals gives us the magic  ''shes giving me the creeps. the girl i knew was dead. she said her arm pits are hairy cause its natural....yeah well, why does she shave her head???'' one of those lines you just wish you made up yourself while drunkenly arguing wae some stauner of a bra holder, but never thought of it at the time......and regretted it forever........with the download, ive even included the scans of the Teen Punks in Heat fanzine that came with this. ye cannae say am no good tae yeez.......ring bang scoosh if the scoosh really was a bang tae be ringed.....AYE...!!!

Screeching Weasel - 7 inch, booklet and pictures


  1. Hi! Great blog.
    Can you tell me who is this girl, please?

    Thank you!

  2. Ruby T from the canadian girl punk band, true confessions.