Friday, 12 September 2014

the dickies - the incredible shrinking dickies lp california 1978

the boys are back in town. a pie and a paris bun etc etc etc..........the other day ah met an old acquaintance out on that ting they call the street. björn is his name. after much pish we started talking, or i started talking, about the dickies. hed never heard of them. him being an O.G mod boy and all that. so i sent him on his way wae a mission tae go and hear this record. there was no reason why ah started goin on about this record, but i did it anyways. jist cause its so terribly good. terribly good i say. in fact ah described it sooo fucking good ah could see the bloody eagerness on his jowls tae get back to his cavern and get it listened too. away he went wae a dandy skip in his tail and i toddled off tae rob a bank or smoke crack or kill a pimp or some other such rock and or roll activity. today.....i decided to give it to yous all in a perfect little bundle of download perfection......if yi like a lot of chocolate on yir biscuit......join our YES! ya bastards...!!!!

the dickies - lp, sleeves and pics.

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