Tuesday, 21 October 2014

cockney rejects - im not a fool 7 inch east london 1979

right ma peeps....weve got ourselves an utter classic here. this is one of them songs that you kinda rediscover. a forgotten gem if you will...... i kept listening to the rejects over the years. theyre a great drinkin time punk band. sing-a-long-a-max type stuff. ive played that flares and slippers e.p until theres almost no vinyl left. ive played war on the terraces the same. bad man etc....but some dirty scoundrel had been off with the record inside my im not a fool 7 inch and replaced it with ' the four bucketeers - bucket of water song '. not a bad thing, but still.....so i never really got into this record as much as their others. i knew it and all that but but but.........then a wee while ago i seen that video of their rehearsal and it just blew me away. to me its what punk is. the energy, enthusiasm and teenage anger. fuck, wee stinky wis only 15 or 16 when they made that video. it shows, but the chap looked as cool as four cucumbers and could scream like a banshee. a funny wee story from their 'east end babylon' dvd was stinky saying how he ''spunked'' the money he got for doing flares and slippers on fireworks and a remote control toy car. thats how young he was. people get aw heavy on bands like this for being stupid, thugs, not political enough etc etc but i disagree. theyre brilliant. thats it and i will not hear a word against them. the b-side, east end, is great as well. as i said, a pure gem of a single. ......forza bajen in med bollen. HEJ..!! HEJ..!! ching chong..!

cockney rejects - single, sleeves and pics

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