Friday, 1 July 2011

black flag - nervous breakdon 7 inch california 1978

as promised yesterday. part two of the big two. like i said, every punk blog worth its salt has this and yesterdays post. so im posting both in a row.......where would we be without this. greg, robo, keith and greg. not a wank garfield in sight. im not gonna be the first in saying this, but if they just fucking broke up instead of getting ballhead in to sing. done damaged with chuck singing and called it quits. that would have been that and a legendery band would have remained legend..but, no......alas. we got an extra 5 years or so of the pishest black flag cover band doing deep purple tributes. i have to say though, that some of these records or even one off tunes are top tracks. 'loose nut' l.p would be a perfect example of this. it just aint the same band or the message or the intense jerky madness wae screaming vocals. rollins / garfield is a dick. he would ruin a bikini procession. hes a jerked up half wit with a really bad sense of humour, short temper and everything apparently evolves and revolves around him and how he feels. this may well be part of the dominant male psyche, but for fuck sake cheer up or shut ya brainless ignorant oaf. that t.v show, and i use the term widely, he had. my lord. if you shout your opinion loud enough at a camera then sure to god someone will believe you. especially if prong / the rollins band (dont get me started here) / helmut are the sound track to the just said shouting. my opinion of the man is low especially after i went to see his stand up show. he was in fact sitting down, but im not being picky. the man is in so severe need of getting his baws felt its untrue. pent up sexual hatred. he seems to understand relationships as much as a four year old understands the play off system in scottish league football. anyways......thats my opinion on hank wank-ford. this 7 inch though is blistering american so-cal punk rock on the verge of hardcore. the starts of hardcore even. some records are classic for a reason. '' Someday, I'll feel no pain. Someday, I won't have a brain. They'll take away the part that hurts, and let the rest remain. '' if only they caught old henke man and were able to do this to him. i blame bono. another self-righteous cunt..!!

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  1. The Jealous Again EP was released after Reyes had left the band for a final time. He was credited as "Chavo Pederast", nonstandard Spanish for pedophile, after a falling out with the band. Reyes was so angered at this perceived betrayal that he hit Dez Cadena in the head with a brick, and later smashed their touring van's windshield. Reyes had also alerted the Canadian border agents to the band's lack of work permits, which prevented them from playing their final Canadian show of the tour.

  2. wasnt he wanted in the states at the time, for being an ''illegal immigrant'' and they were chasing after his ass. getting closer and closer. then no-one heard of him in years. they all thought he was shipped back to swasiland. he then pops up married et al. still on exile. god. i hope this is true.