Tuesday, 5 July 2011

screamin jay hawkins- alligator wine 7 inch ohio 1958

as i posted 'revenge of the killer pussies' earlier today. it has the brilliant version the vibes did of screamin jays 'alligator wine'. so i thought id post the original 7 inch as well. dont really know much about the man to be honest. people talk of him and you always hear his name cropping up, but i for some reason have never got into him. not because i dont his groove or nothing. its just another cat thats sailed me by. hes of course famous for doing 'i put a spell on you', which you all must have heard about a million times and are sick to the god-damned back teeth of hearing. hes gotta be much much more than that song. anyways....i know this tune. got into it cause of the vibes (surprise, surprise). was surprised to actually find out that it released in 1958. didnt know he was doing stuff that early. anyways....as ive said i dont know jack shit about him apart from this here tune. so ill stop the blabber and let yous get on. three cheers for me. ring bang scoosh..!!

screamin jay hawkins - single sleeves and pics






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