Tuesday, 5 July 2011

revenge of the killer pussies compilation lp uk 1984

its been a long time since i posted an lp, or even a compilation. thats gettin did right today. this may not be way up there in the best compilation in the world competition. even though, it has a very soft spot in ma heart as its the first ever comp lp i got. or was it 'let them eat jellybeans'..? anyways......theres some fucking cracking tracks on here. the tip top of the lot are. the vibes version of screaming jay hawkins' 'alligator wine'. the milkshakes supreme instro-mental 'the red monkey' is sublime to be honest. pure boogie woogie, dark style. the brillant corners 'shes got fever' and sickidz 'shes my witch' are both superb examples of the british trash scene at the time. these four songs in fact are all up there as some of the best stuff of that genre. as well as them. your getting the excellent very things' 'shearing machine', the meteors live rendition of 'the hills have eyes' and guana batz 'werewolf blues'. in fact there aint really a bad track apart from the turnpike cruisers and blueberry hellbellies tunes and theyre at the very end anyways, so fuck em. at one point i had the splattered blood vinyl, which looked smashing to be honest, alas, not anymore. went on wine some time ago. get it downloaded and discover what the uk psycho trash scene was like before it got infected by mumbling transexuals from wales and the my quiffs bigger than you brigade. top notch.

revenge of the killer pussies - songs sleeves and pics





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