Saturday, 31 July 2010

the cateran - bite deeper lp inverness scotland 1988

Right first up the caterans bite deeper lp. made inverness or wherever in sheephaggeragaro land they came from right proud, so they did. the first 5 songs (side a) are brillant short sharp loud as fuck drudging punk rock. they supposedly started the grunge movement you know. one of them lps your too scared to stick on the b-side in case you come down to earth after the a-side. brillant brillant brillant. the bass player. kai davidson killed himself a year or so ago which kinda shook me up a bit when i  heard it, especially the now cause im trying to look for their images on the net and i keep coming across his obituaries. having met kai a few times in my drunken teens. whats said about him just seems to be true. he was a really likeable chap and had a good word for anyone. especially an epileptic drunken teen with a rude and wild mouth. too many good guys go this way. sadly another one on a growing long list of old aquaintances. remember once in glasgow tech him trying to introduce me too les thugs and all i could do was sing football songs and punch the air and try and steal his records. even then, he kinda nicely got me removed from the room, still he shook my hand and smiled. damn shame, and he left 4 kids. after hearing all this the lyrics to a few of their songs changed for me. if he wrote them that is. excellent band and a genuine 'good guy'. shame he first managed the proclaimers and brought them forward in their truely magnificent carear. everyone has their down sides i suppose. xxx...

just want to add that 'surplus to need' is truly amazing and the lyrics to it are astounding. the fact that very very little people know about the cateran is just pure fucking shocking. it would drive a tear to a jam jar, so it would. the video of them doing 'the' song live on that telly would make a mechanic meeting a deaf pensioner with a broken wind screen wiper break his wet dream fantasy. and they say a 'tune' never came fae scotland, apart from being mostly right. they are wrong..!

now updated to 4shared with more pics...!!!

the cateran - 12 inch and photies.


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