Saturday, 31 July 2010

the features - floozie of the neighborhood 7 inch new york 1979

one of them kbd 7 inchs, which i infact nicked fae that site. totally love bands that only do one or two singles then bolt. theyve some sort of lp out now, but all that seems a bit coco. releasing crap studio tapes and saying its their lp. just leave it at what they did release. if it aint broken, why fix it!?! anyway its raw sing along us punk from ny. go pee ya pants asshole.!

 the features - single sleeves and pics


  1. So why not post a link direct to the KBD blog?

  2. you don't know what you are talking about, most of the songs on the lp were from a live performance at max's Kansas city & it kicks ass, as for the"crap ' STDIO STUFF IT WAS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER SHIT OUT AT THE TIME, I KNOW BECAUSE I AM A ORINAL MEMBER,IDIOT!

  3. I doubt Anonymous is an original member, but I agree.with the comments...

  4. i dont care, both of you can fuck off....