Saturday, 31 July 2010

the desperate bicycles - new cross new cross 7 inch london 1978

strange as a puppets arse but cheerful and addictive like vallies and glue. if crass were ever influenced by someone or anything then this is it. you can hear wee bits theyve maybe taken here and there. mibbe it was the opposite. think this is great early d.i.y uk punk. good lyrics too. why 'advice on arrest', 'the housewifes song' and 'cars' are not on every 77 punk comp is just laziness. they released about 5 7 inchs, but this is by far the best. although the medium is tedium is pretty good as well. the value of this has went from about £10 to £100 in 2 years. so catch it if you can. i did.


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