Saturday, 31 July 2010

menace - i need nothing 7 inch london 1978

another band that only released singles and, everyone being a gem. they say that cock sparrer and menace and sham were the 4 pints and a pie before oi!. if theyre right, and whoever they may be, well done me old cockrel pear twat. never knew this until i just read it the now, but two of them were from galway ireland. both of them moving to london when they were 14. here was me thinking as well they were just yir typical bunch of cockney louts. all jellied eels and hows your father etc. how wrong was i, oirish ill have you. my my. rock and or roll, street punk, punk, the biscuits and jazz (oi!). two sugers and milk. pure scheme tea ya bass.

menace - single sleeves and pics

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