Monday, 11 October 2010

the rezillos - cant stand my baby 7 inch edinburgh 1977

the best band scotland ever produced??? the best band ever to come from scotland but everyone thinks is american? they are, yes.! funnily one of the singers, as you know is called fay fife, which in scottish 'fae fife' means that you come from fife (an area in east scotland) ''am fae fife''. apart from this anyone ive met outside scotland always insists theyre american. honestly, if youve never heard them, check out the lp '' ...cant stand the rezillos''. class in a glass. theyve reformed and tour etc etc etc etc but who really fucking cares. this is when it mattered and when they sounded too good to be true. check out you(fucking)tube for theyre top of the pops performances. met a guy once that stayed in a squat in london around 76-77, and fay fife stayed there as well. believe it or not he says that he knocked her back cause he thought she was minging. to this day i still think hes blowing a tune out his arse. mad bastard.
just added the article about them from mrr #202 march 2000. ...pickles...

now updated to mediafire with more pics...!!!

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