Friday, 15 October 2010

the rezillos - (my baby does) good sculptures 7 inch edinburgh 1978

after posting the sedition single and the comparisons i chose. what else could i post next but another rezillos 7 inch. the b-side '' HELLO'' said in a new jersey or stockholm accent. the swedish being ''..ah men halloh.!'' flying saucer a fucking attack. hand in the air. singin. birthday. big smile. christmas. all that. ye fae fife. dinae ken! dinae ken! dinae ken!.......tell me.. what really did ebba grön do thats better than these two songs? 'only in it for the drugs'--maybe, but naw....'dinae ken. dinae ken. dinae ken'. mad sheep shaggers, but they produced the best rock n and or roll records that europe ever god damn well ever fucking shat out.!! although admitedly, the lp versions of both these songs are a thousand times better. the picture are good though.
now updated to media

the rezillos - single sleeves and pics

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