Friday, 15 October 2010

the valves - robot love 7 inch scotland 1977








right. ya dancer..!! the valves. how proud are we (i) about this song would you think.....jesus..for gods sake dont be thinkin am talkin about that mad a-side mediocrity. baby, am oan about that mad b-side pure dillion-ness. for adolfs only. how many of yous obsessed english wannabes thought this was another london release? pure scottish throttle wae a voice of gravel. we are the best. this proves it for anycunt wae an ear for a tune,my god. just lookin through aw ma records am just thinkin whit good records we did do. for the love of me we were flying that saltire of punk as high as anycunt ever out there wae songs like this. listen to the filthkick cover for a wee bit eh a diff n that, am sure these beasties were fae that dreaded east coast as all 'good' scottish punk fae the 70s came from. although, a few older glaswegians said they were from the toon toon toon (glasgow)- for that re4ason am puttin them in the title as scotland, and not the town. jesus , am hopin they werent aids ridden edinburgers. sounds more glasgow to me ( as i lied to myself in hope ). factually, theyre not english 100%., that i know. superb.

the valves - single, sleeves and pics


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