Thursday, 14 October 2010

sedition - dealing with cliches 7 inch glasgow 1989

in the punk scene in glasgow when i was a lad, it was pretty dismal to be honest with you. the whole of scotland to be honest. it seemed like there was 30 people and we all hated each other. well.... i was a southside 'snider' as they called us, and i know we all hated each other. sedition were west end wendys (wankers), depends who you spoke to and we all werent supposed to like each other. we smoked hot knives and drank constantly, they smoked joints with rolling tobacco and from the way it looked or the way they danced. it seemed they all shagged one another. we as southside psychos didnt even have girlfriends, let alone same sex, mixed group sex. some of them even wore dresses, the west end wendy wankers that is. none of us southside tokkoutai would have even considered that. even though there was no women down our way, we were real men. anyways...........poofs, dresses, group sex or even lack of sex asides......we all had sedition, not literally but in a band to go and watch who were actually fucking brilliant. the whole scene came out to watch them when they played and its some of my best memories of that whole shithole of a scene.
you swedish kids have it lucky in some ways. yous have your own music scene. youth clubs. band practise areas. small town scenes like umeå, linköping etc that produce many many bands of high calibre. yous have a good education system and a general system that looks after you. my god, all houses here have heating in them. yous have good summers, hardly any rain. music scenes of many varities, clubs, places to go. general lack of violence on the streets. low teenage pregnancy rates. low teenage drug and alcohol abuse rates. everything really. we had nothing. yous had ebba grön and mob 47. but.........fuck the lot of yous..!!!! we had the rezillos and the fucking mighty wonderful sedition. beat that ya shower of blonde haired dicks..!!!

sedition - single booklet sleeves and pics



  1. Smithy you Cunt...!

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  3. its S.M.I.F.F.Y ya cunt..!!! ex-bass ya cathedra.