Monday, 26 September 2011

channel 3 - ive got a gun 7 inch california 1982

id said a hundred odd posts ago id post this here single.....and here ye have it.! 'ive got a gun' must have been, for a lot of people in britain, their first or second ( the other being the deid cannolis....of course ) taste of the u.s 80s punk scene. sure there must have been some cunts oot there that were tuned in, but for the majority of the 'tam, boab and bettys', this was it. it was released in uk on 'no future' records. famous for blitz et al. so it wisnae on a small press on anything like that, so the boys that released it must have known what they were up to. it was even on one of the 'punk and disorderly' lps. its funny, even when a wis a boy i thought this stood out way above the other tracks and thought to myself that it really didnt fit in. its great it wis there but somehow it just felt like tainting someone with a brush of shite. dont get me wrong, its a fucking brillant comp lp, which ill post at some point, but disorder, vice squad, chaos uk are utter pish in comparison and its supposed to be a cream of the crop type thing, and no disrespect whatsoever to any of those bands as they were fucking great as well...anyways, pish over.....two absolute crackers here...the title track and the second song on the b-side 'mannequin'. utter fantastic up tempo us pogo punk with that that high energy sound that only u.s bands seemed to have or had. fear always spring to mind and so do kraut. the three of them seem to have this wall of sound that just blows you away. this is an utter fucking classic..!!

channel 3 - single, sleeves and pics











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