Saturday, 10 September 2011

hank williams - alone and forsaken 7 inch alabama 1955

hank williams eh..!? the a-side of this single is actually ''a teardrop on a rose'', which on its own is old hankerchief at his depressing best, but, as we all know.....there aint much better than ''alone and forsaken''. not even football. a true song of heartbreak genius. right...!! the much argued about semi truths and facts. he was born in 1923, real name hiram williams. pronounced dead at 7am january 1st 1953. he was only 29 year old. his death seems to be from a mixture of morphine, that doctors had injected him on request for back pains, and alcohol. although unbelievably the doctor who pronounced his death, couldnt speak english and said there was only traces of alcohol and no traces of drugs. he however stated that hanky panky had a number of bruises including on his face. id suggest the bruises were from him falling over drunk and the reason of no drug traces is because they never checked. as they did report a serious of punctures on his arms from self injection. he had been drinking constantly and was no doubt seriously addicted to morphine. the day before he had to be carried from his car to the hotel by two porters. he ate very little from a steak supper and then was greeted by female friends for the rest of the night. he died on the back seat of a car being driven to a show in ohio in a snow storm. the driver never noticed and neither did police when they pulled him over for speeding. ''alone and forsaken by fate and by man. oh lord if you hear me, please hold in my hand. oh please understand.'' right on..!!

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