Wednesday, 21 September 2011

helen keller - surfin with steve and e.d amin 7 inch seattle 1978

allright we have it...! one of the rarest and best punk singles there is. the boy that started this malarky was a cunt called norman durkree. he was an actor of sorts or something like that and stuck together a band of studio musicians and friends of sort. they had no intention of ever playing live and they never did. they just wanted to record a few wee punk crackers and set the world on fire. they recorded about 6 or 7 songs and stuck these two crackers on a 7 inch and printed 200 copies of it ( or so we all thought ). being a normal person, i of course had never heard of this until the put it up for the world to hear. it was released as well on the rare as fuck punk compilation lp killed by death #999 and the mighty have been in aww fuck ever since. myself, as an avid collector but a man of limited funds would never have thought that id ever get a copy of this. by the moons of spot, the thing was selling for anything between $350 and $1666. then.....low and behold, someone found a box of them in their attic and started selling them on ebay at the very reasonable $100. i snapped one up like a dry tree seeking water. the one i got was in fact the very last one of that batch as all went, not surprisingly, on the very first day. the price has now went back up to at least 400 snappa-roonies. so my childrens inheritance (my record collection) has went to the point now that they cant wait till i pop my clogs ( only joking.....i hope ). this record is soooo catchy that youll have aids and the flu forever after your first listen to it. the vocals and the guitar sound and the chorus are just the plain makings of a bloody good time. thank god big norrie dupee bothered his arse recording this for whatever reasons he had. i hold my left hand up to the powers of satan himself in respect.....and one more thing.....'' ooooooooh you shouldnt have lied now you shouldnt have lied. '' get in there..!!

helen keller - single sleeves and pics

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