Tuesday, 27 September 2011

the devil dogs - bigger beef bonanza lp new york 1996

allright...!! ive always wanted to post a devil dogs post here, but was never quite sure which one i should post. theyve got loads and loads of records out there. some are beauties and some just arent. its not that the tunes are bad or anything, its usually just down to really bad production. which seems to have been the bands downfall. as ive said ive really wanted to post something by them....but whats a boy to do if the records sounding shite. theyve some of the best tunes out there in this genre in my opinion. way above all the other bands. tunes like 'stay with me', 'strip search', 'north shore bitch', 'ball me out', 'best part of breaking up', 'baby im the king' et al.....are the best songs around from this time period and make other bands seem like a joke in comparrison. the new bomb turks would have been nothing if it werent fur the deel dugs. teengenerate and all of that japanese ilk would still be pishing in their pants if it werent for them as well. i must just add that personally i think 'stay with me' is one of the best songs there ever is was or shall be ( which actually is a dictators cover....by the way... ), and on top of that 'better when theyre not around' isnt that bad either...... but....how can a band of such greatness have never released a classic lp or even a classic 7 inch. these bastards at the helms of sound desks have really something to answer to. the totally fucked up a legend of a band. anyways....i solved my difficulties by deciding to post their kinda best of lp. it contains their 'big beef bonanza' and even their 'bigger beef bonanza' and their self titled lp ' the devil dogs '. so you get all the formentioned beauties plus such crackers as....'cheesecake', 'palisades park', 'action', 'theyre not around' and 'chinatown'. as well as all their others from this time period. the devil dogs are a fucking great band that seem to have been a tad overlooked. great misfortune i say and i hope this post makes up for it. rock n roll punk at it utmost best. one more thing.. ''you aint nothin but a pig with tits..!! '' boogie woogie woo...!!!

the devil dogs - lp, sleeves and pics









  1. Haven't heard this but If you say its good i'm gonna trust you.
    Not let me down yet!

  2. just give the youtube tracks a wee listen. i cant see you being disappointed. take care.